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We all feared it, and it has just been confirmed: Netflix Spain announces that the Friends series will no longer be available in its catalog from January 1, 2021.

Since Warner Media announced its new streaming service HBO Max, it was a matter of time before Warner products ended up being exclusively on its platform, something that was quickly noticed in the United States when Friends stopped being available on Netflix .

However, the popular comedy series was still available on the streaming platform in other countries (including Spain) due to different distribution rights for the series. Unfortunately for fans who continued to enjoy the series on Netflix, finally Friends will no longer be available on Netflix Spain as of January 1, 2021 .

The streaming service itself confirms the departure of Friends from its platform through a message that appears every time we play an episode of the series, indicating that the last day to watch Friends on Netflix is ​​December 31, 2020.

This news comes in relation to the launch of HBO Max in Spain in the second half of 2021 , where from that moment practically all Warner productions will be available exclusively on its streaming service, including the 2021 theatrical releases. .

Netflix announces the departure of Friends from its catalog
Meanwhile, viewers can continue to enjoy the Friends series both on Amazon Prime Video and on HBO Spain, although later the series will only end up in the HBO catalog when it officially becomes HBO Max, which, by the way , will host the long-awaited special Friends reunion where there is already a date for filming, as confirmed recently by Matthew Perry .

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