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Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software, has indirectly singled out Google and other technology companies in a criticism of their use of user data.

Apple often openly brags about the privacy of its technology products and services. Within its app store for iPhones and other devices, Apple wants apps to respect its idea of ​​privacy and not collect data from users in bulk without their permission.

During the European Conference on Data Protection and Privacy , Craig Federighi made several direct comments on ” other technology companies “. He did not mention Google and Facebook specifically, although his message was very clear.

In his presentation , Federighi criticized the “data industry complex” , stating that Apple’s operating systems and applications had been designed to protect user privacy, while other companies’ versions have been ” specifically designed to collect your information. “.

He also mentioned the encryption of Apple’s video conferencing service. ” Ten years after Apple launched Facetime, even the most data hungry companies have started to incorporate encryption into their communication products, ” Federighi said in a clear reference to Facebook. The vice president then continued to refer to the location tracking of users, this time pointing to Google.

Apple and Facebook, among others, were already protagonists of a confrontation over the privacy of apple devices. Apple wanted to introduce new privacy measures to all applications that wanted to be compatible with these devices in the iOS 14 version, but the implementation of these functions was delayed until 2021, supposedly because Facebook and other companies were not for the work.

During this new conference Federighi has clarified that “we will begin to require all the applications that want to do that to obtain the explicit permission of their users, and developers who do not comply with that standard can remove their applications from the App Store .”

These measure implies that any application that wants to operate on iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14 must request permission from the user before tracking it through a unique identification number the IDFA . According to reports from The Register, Apple also had its disagreements with other app publishers such as Activision Blizzard and Tencent’s Supercell.

The IDFA identifier is automatically generated on each iPhone during setup. This number allows Apple, application creators, and ad networks to track the activities of an individual user and use that information to display advertisements that are targeted to their personal interests. After Federighi’s conference, it is clear that Apple is not going to give in and its new privacy policy will reach iPhones throughout 2021.

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