building German Gigafactory

Work has been stopped at the factory Tesla is building in Germany due to environmental problems. To be a company as ecological as possible, it is not only necessary that sustainable components are manufactured or that help the future of the planet, but also that it is located in a suitable space.

In reference to the latter, Tesla seems to have encountered a problem when building its new Gigafactory in Germany, the first in Europe. The construction of the Tesla factory has stopped and for the moment it will not be able to continue cutting down the pine forest where it will be located after the order received by the corresponding authority.

The reason is that the damage done to the snakes and lizards that hibernate in that forest will be studied after the complaints received. The arrival of Tesla in Germany is not being as accelerated as it was planned and, according to CNBC , it could be extended to 2022, when they planned to activate the factory in July 2021 . The motives? Most environmental, but also union.

Before this arrest to analyze the situation of the fauna in the area, they also had to change their plans due to the demands of environmental groups that made Tesla reduce the water consumption that it will carry out in the Gigafactory by more than a third .

Tesla had hoped to build its new center as quickly as it has in Shanghai, where it has taken just a year, but in Germany it is struggling to adapt to the country’s regulation despite the significant support it has received at the political and international level. public opinion, which observes the future of its big brands with bewilderment.

In CNBC they point out that behind these problems also await the existing lawsuits on the part of the German automobile workers union IG Metall , which has more than 2.3 million members. Problems that will surely not be very satisfactory for Elon Musk, a businessman who has always shown his desire to deregulate as much as possible.

In any case, we will see when they get the Gigafactory up and running, but what seemed like a very satisfactory agreement for both parties is not finding its way .

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