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Use our eyes to communicate with other people when the rest of our communication tools fail. This Google project can help many people who are incommunicado due to illness.

In the world there are many people who, due to various diseases, have difficulty communicating. They cannot speak with their mouths, nor with their hands and remain isolated from the world with great difficulties expressing their feelings, concerns or opinions.

Google has launched a new technology project, Look to Speak , to help these people. Within its accessibility and social aid initiatives, the internet giant has developed a tool to facilitate communication for these people .

Many degenerative or other diseases lead their patients to an extreme situation in which they cannot mobilize their facial muscles with control, nor can they write or make gestures with their hands, arms or feet. Expressing themselves is almost impossible, some resort to cards with common phrases to show their caregivers and thus tell them if they are well, need help, hungry or simply sad.

Based on this set of cards and frequent phrases, Google has created an application to control with the eyes. Look to Speak makes it easy for these patients to select the appropriate phrase, expression or word at each moment with the movement of their eyes.

If the person looks to the right they choose a series of themes or expressions and if they look to the left they choose other options. This way, he discards options until he finds the phrase that best suits what he wants to communicate at that moment. The front camera of the device, together with facial recognition algorithms and other Google technologies, control the movement of the person’s eyes to move around the application.

The application allows you to customize the phrases, topics and other expressions that appear so that the patient has more options nearby, such as asking for a specific family member. The Look to Speak application is available for all those who want to put it to the test on an Android 9, 10 or 11 mobile, it is even compatible with Android One .

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