run out of support

Do you have this version of Windows 10? If the answer is yes, then you’d better update now. And it is that yesterday, December 8, you will stop receiving updates, which means that Microsoft will not fix the errors or vulnerabilities that are detected.

Microsoft releases a major upgrade of Windows 10 twice a year, so that approximately every six months can install a new version on your computer. Then, the Redmond company supports each of these versions for a limited time, namely about 18 months, so if you do not update quite often you can stay without support.

This is precisely what just happened with version 1903 of Windows 10 , also known as Windows 10 Update May 2019 , since it was launched in May last year. It is the spring update of 2019 and, as has already spent a year and a half since it was released, Microsoft offers no support for it since yesterday, December 8, 2020.

And this means? What this means is that, if your PC has Windows 10 version 1903 installed, from now on it will no longer receive new updates. Therefore, in case errors or vulnerabilities are detected, Microsoft will not offer you a solution , so the best thing you can do is update your computer to a more current version.

If you are not very clear about the version of Windows 10 on your computer, checking it is very easy. To do this, access the settings by pressing the Windows + I keys, and then go to System> About. If you prefer, type About in the Windows 10 search engine to enter this window.

Here you will see the Windows specifications. In the second line, below the edition, you will see the version you have installed. If it’s version 1903, update Windows 10 to continue to have support and keep your PC protected.

Installing a new version of Windows 10 is very easy. To do this, go to Settings> Windows Update and click on the Download and install link that will appear below the new version. In case you don’t do it yourself manually, the system will automatically update to version 1909, the October 2019 update.

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