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The DGT has launched a new label that can only be used by vehicles that are dedicated to a very specific activity.

The continuous updates carried out by the DGT in all aspects have the objective that the legislation and the different control and aid mechanisms are up to date . In reference to this issue, one of the novelties that most drivers are still unaware of are the blue stickers that have been released in order to identify some vehicles.

Along with the de-escalation of the pandemic, it has been seen that the progress that was being experienced in the new urban mobility has been reactivated. This has not only influenced scooters or electric motorcycles, but also carsharing, shared vehicles that can be found in a good number of cities in the country.

If their use was almost completely stopped for several months, they are experiencing a boom again at this time , even more so with the abandonment that some citizens are making of other means of transport with greater traffic of people.

Last October carsharing experienced an important moment in our country with the impulse received from the DGT when registering it in the Vehicle Registry and pointing out two aspects, which serves as a complement to the current mobility offer in cities and recognizes its efficiency .

This recognition by the DGT was accompanied by the launch of a badge to easily locate this type of vehicle, according to Las Provincias . Now you can find them in cities with the design of a blue sticker .

This blue label will serve to immediately identify the vehicles of the carsharing fleets when they are parked, but also to control their circulation on roads where they have access and private vehicles do not , as well as to treat them with greater care if they are found on the road .

As is evident, the sticker will be limited to vehicles of this type and you will not be able to get one or access the advantages that it entails with your private car. But at least from now on you will know what the blue labels that you will find in your city identify.

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