a year to forget

Our internet habits speak more about us than we would like. This 2020 a large part of humanity has been forced to live through technology and that has left its mark on Google searches.

The year we spent the most time at home, confined, using the internet as a window to the world. This 2020 has been a year to forget or not, depending on how you look at it. The pandemic, the quarantine and everything that has surrounded the coronavirus has been captured in our Google searches.

Like every year, Google takes stock. First, it showed us the most viewed videos on its streaming platform and now it compiles the list of most popular searches throughout 2020. Masks, cooking and security measures against contagion have been the main protagonists.

When the supermarkets ran out of stocks of flour and yeast , Google users searched for how to “make homemade bread.” Searches for “making cloth masks” were also popular.

We had to take refuge at home to stop the spread of the virus and we looked for ways to entertain ourselves as with the stories of Ana Milan. Google has asked the actress to summarize these most popular searches.

The Spaniards this year have consulted the most famous search engine for pastry recipes to make donuts or homemade cookies; applications to make video calls at work, in class or with the family; and they have consulted series and entertainment programs to spend time in front of the television. Gambit de Dama, The strong house and The island of temptations have been the big hits.

Even the United States elections have been one of the most consulted and commented events of this 2020 in the search engine by Spanish users. But, above all, the virus has focused all our attention, “how is the coronavirus spread” has been one of the most recurrent searches as well as “when do the hairdressers open”, “when the state of alarm ends” or “when You can travel to another province ”.

At the international level the situation does not change much. Coronavirus, Election results and Kobe Bryant are the most repeated searches of this fateful 2020. Here you can check all the trends of this year such as the most searched recipes or the actors, singers and entertainment programs that have made the year more enjoyable.

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