in automatic doors

LG has presented the doors of the future, and it is that perhaps we are about to say goodbye to transparent glass in certain locations such as shopping centers and airports. Any space is good for advertising, and LG wants to exploit this idea with a transparent OLED screen.

All credit does not go to LG, but rather that this company has partnered with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. It is a company that is dedicated to the creation of automatic doors. Both companies are going to collaborate to install transparent OLED screens, precisely, in automatic doors.

In a few months we will see signage on sliding doors and it will be thanks to LG technology with transparent OLED panels and pixels with automatic lighting.

Being such an innovative technology, some doubts come into play such as panel lighting, contrast, colors, etc. From the brand they comment that it works with LG’s WRGB technology, and that all these issues are sealed since a high contrast and colors with the appropriate brightness are promised.

Even emitting information, these OLED panels will remain translucent , allowing passers-by to see with some ease what is beyond the door. Its main uses will be in airports, shopping centers, offices, metro, etc.

The transparent OLED screen will be 55 inches, model 55EW5G , 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, a 38% transparency level, wide viewing angles, one millisecond response time, 400 nits of brightness, 120% of the color gamut of BT.709, 10 nits color depth, as well as a tempered glass protection.

At the moment it is unknown when they will start working on the production of these automatic doors with transparent screens, but it is known that their objective, beyond advertising, may be the creation of messages such as directions , maps of the airport or the shopping center, messages welcome, specific communications, opening and closing hours, information on each plant of the company, shopping center or airport, among other uses.

We are quite close to saying goodbye to vinyl, and we are not referring to music, but to those vinyls and stickers that are pasted on shop windows and doors. Surely the installation of these automatic doors with transparent panels is not economical, but little by little it will be more accessible.

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