kilos at Christmas

It comes Christmas and with it a complete catalog of nougat, sweets and large meals that can deviate from the target in which you worked all year. At this time, maintaining a healthy diet becomes a difficult mission, but not impossible.

If you do not want to throw away everything you have achieved so far and, in addition, enjoy your meals and be able to indulge in a ‘whim’, take note of the advice and these rich and healthy recipes from Charles Orrico, nutritional coach and nutritionist of the boutique gym specialized in personalized workouts Fit Club Madrid .

What Christmas foods can we integrate into our diet and why?
At Christmas many foods are consumed that depends on how they are cooked, they can be healthy or be an obstacle to our goal. In some homes it is traditional to consume a lot of meat on these dates, preparing the recipe in the oven or in an air fryer will reduce the total calories that we consume in our day to day, (compared to eating the original recipe).

Another recommendation is to avoid sauces and substitute them for foods such as hummus or mashed avocado , and even some homemade sauce based on skimmed whipped fresh cheese.

What foods should we banish?
We all like the different sweets that are found on these dates, but if you want to avoid the large amount of sugars that are added, it is best to make homemade desserts, reduced in sugar and loaded with proteins.

The trick not to get fat at Christmas
The key is to eat during these dates in such a way that 90% of your day to day is eating healthy , and the rest, giving you a Christmas treat. The next day, we can do half an hour of cardiovascular exercise in order to increase caloric expenditure.

What ingredients can or should we keep in the diet?
Foods like lean meat, fish, legumes, aged cheeses, vegetables, and fruit.

What foods help to cleanse our body after a night of excesses?
If on these dates there are many excesses of processed food and alcohol, the ideal would be to return to the foods that we usually consume, trying to eat healthy and varied, having a weekly treat, if our goal is to reduce weight / fat percentage. Foods rich in antioxidants, such as red fruits (among others) , are good allies to prevent premature aging that this type of excess causes in our body.

What satiating foods can we add to our menu to feed ourselves with smaller amounts?
Protein-rich foods, vegetables, and high-fiber foods. Healthy fats will also help us reduce the feeling of hunger due to their high caloric intake, in addition, our body needs more time to digest them, thus feeling energized for longer.

In the case of sinning with some candy, what is the best time of day to do it?
You can consume sweets at any time of the day, as long as they are natural and avoiding added sugars, but if we want a typical Christmas sweet (in its sweetest version), the best time will be first thing in the day or before exercising. physical, since this way we will take advantage of the energy it gives us (even if it is for a short time as it is a simple hydrate).

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