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The Government of Mexico proposed to Congress to postpone for next year the debate on the bill that drastically limits the subcontracting of employees , known as outsourcing , according to a letter delivered by the Executive to legislators .

In the document, the authenticity of which was confirmed to Reuters by an official and a legislative source on Monday, the government “respectfully” requested parliamentarians to postpone legal discussion of the initiative until February, when they return from recess.

“Given the scope of the reform and its operational impacts, the companies requested a period of time to carry out this process,” the letter says.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced in November that the legal reform sought to prohibit the existence of companies dedicated exclusively to subcontracting personnel under the figure of outsourcing and only authorize the figure in specific cases, generating unrest among business chambers .

The union leaders have held several meetings with the Government on the plan, to seek agreements on various points such as defining a deadline for entry into force that allows companies to comply. López Obrador had urged the Congress, which has a pro-government majority, to approve it as soon as possible.

Delaying the debate in the Chamber of Deputies until February would give employers more room to adjust.

The two parties met for the last time on Friday night at the National Palace and were due to continue speaking this week. On Monday, López Obrador said in his morning conference that some kind of agreement would be reached in the coming days and stressed that the talks were progressing well.

The letter adds that the discussion of the legal initiative will be indicated as preferential so that within a period of no more than 30 days it can be discussed and, if applicable, approved next year.

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