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It is the end of an age. The iconic IKEA catalog on paper will no longer return in 2021. It was going to celebrate its 70th anniversary, but the Swedish multinational has decided to retire it.

Almost everyone has ever had one of the attractive and informative IKEA catalogs in their hands. But times are changing or, more precisely, the pandemic is forcing many things to change. After almost 70 years, the IKEA catalog is no longer printed on paper .

The Swedish multinational, like El Corte Ingl├ęs and other businesses that operate with large stores where the public can see, touch and taste all the products, has resisted embracing online commerce. But the coronavirus has forced her to sell online in 2020 .

Now it announces that its mythical printed catalog on paper will no longer be printed in the 2021 edition . At the time it was the most printed book in the world , surpassing the Bible or Don Quixote.

The IKEA catalog was released in 1951 . Designed by the company’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, it was 68 pages long and 285,000 copies were released. It was only available in Swedish.

As the Swedish company settled in other countries, the catalog became international. At its peak not long ago, in 2016, 200 million copies were printed a year in 32 languages, and 69 different versions.

In the press release IKEA explains that ” the commitment to digital and the less interest of customers in the catalog ” have been the causes that have led them to make this decision. This year the company’s online revenue has increased by 45%, and its Ikea.com website already has 4 billion visits.

IKEA has been experimenting with new ways of distributing its catalog for some time. In 1998 he launched the first office furniture catalog on the Internet, and since 2000 there has already been a digital version.

And although it is true that it was being used less and less, surely many customers will miss sitting in their favorite armchair and browsing the IKEA catalog , looking for inspiration or some furniture to decorate the house. It is true that it can continue to be done on the mobile or tablet, but it will not be the same …

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