In addition, to aggravate the situation, in April the Ministry of Finance demanded from the museum the entry of one million euros to the accounts of the Public Treasury, to face the social expenses derived from the covid-19, in application of the Royal Decree of the March 31st.

Any remaining treasury should be used for “expenses to combat the health crisis Prado Museum had to part with 43 million euros for the same reason, in a year that expects to lose 19 million euros .

The balance of 2019 in the Reina Sofía Museum was optimal in visits, although not so much in collection for tickets.

4 million visitors, which is 10% more than they had anticipated at the beginning of the year and an 11.

However, these good figures do not translate into an increase of box office revenue, where they had set the goal of raising 5.

The explanation lies in the increase in free visits to the centers attached to the Reina Sofía, especially the Palacio de Cristal del Retiro.

Among the companies that contributed their grain of sand in 2019 is Inditex, with an amount of 300,000 euros.

Also Fundación Banco Santander, with 350,000 euros, Telefónica (200,000 euros), Mutua Madrileña (300,000 euros), Fundación Mapfre (175,000 euros) or Sotheby’s, with 8,000 euros.

In grants, the Reina Sofía Museum received 27 million euros, almost the same amount as the previous year.

An item that is mostly intended to meet the largest expense of all: the item dedicated to museum staff salaries, which amounts to 17.

In addition, in the year before the pandemic, works such as acquisitions, secondments and donations for an amount of 25 million euros were incorporated into the museum.

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